Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Why?

Why have a family reunion? A mother’s prayer is that her children will love each other long after she is gone (from Facebook).

If the matriarch of your family has passed on, this is reason enough. Someone once told me that after parents die, the siblings lose touch and don’t communicate anymore. A conscious effort would need to be made to not allow this to happen. This quote gives a reason not to be negligent in getting a reunion scheduled.

During the A-Z Blogging Challenge, I have met bloggers from all over the world:  Australia, Canada, India, France, and Singapore, among others. Distances across America are great, not to mention traveling to and from international locations. That’s why a family reunion should be planned in advance so family members can place it in their schedules, figure out the cost, and make the commitment to the event so that it is well attended.

Family traditions may have gradually been discontinued, due to time commitments to other things. Those Thanksgiving and other holiday celebrations are now taken up with the demands of the immediate family, and don’t often include extended family members. But it matters to your parents who are gone that their children continue contact. Their spirits want this! Perhaps that is why people do genealogy charts on their families; to maintain that sense of connection to what has gone before.

If you are fortunate to still have your parents on this planet, a family reunion is a very special event for them. They want to see their children, the spouses, the grandchildren and great-grandchildren mingle and have fun together. Even if they are sitting in a wheelchair and can’t participate much, you can be sure they are watching and observing the festivities and having fun.

Another good reason is so that cousins can get to know each other. When I was growing up, there were two uncles’ families that we visited with often. As we got to high school age and older, the frequency of those visits dropped off, but I think we have a sense of family that extends beyond the nuclear families we grew up in because of that contact.

Another good reason for a family reunion is that you get to have a vacation! If you are lucky, you can travel somewhere exotic you’ve never been to for the event. Even if you just have to go back to your hometown, chances are the environment has changed. Some people like to drive by their childhood home to see it one more time. Others like to drive by old hangouts, their high school, and other special places they frequented when younger. Don’t be surprised though if those places don’t even exist anymore. My husband wanted to go by the farm where he was raised as a very young child, and the clear-cut farmland was now a thick forest of trees! Time changes things.

So don’t allow too much time to pass before you schedule your family reunion.


  1. I so enjoyed the last family reunion I went to (it was my mother's father's side of the family and she died 20 years ago) Mother had hazel eyes and I had blue and yet many of her relations had blue eyes too so that was interesting for me. I had always believed I took after my father's side of the family (he had blue eyes too) so it was nice to see that I took after both sides of the family. I am hopeless with genetics but figure that her hazel eyes must have come from her mother's mother's side of the family. Someone smarter out there will explain it all to me I'm sure.

  2. Genetics are fascinating, whether it's color of eyes, hair or anything else. Hope you get to have another family reunion soon.