Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Organize

Organize your family reunion, and post a daily schedule for family members. Include maps of the area in case someone needs to go to the drug store, grocery store or gas station. Your schedule should include mealtimes, times for any group activities, and most importantly, for the shooting of the group family photo! A hired photographer can take as many family photos in all the different arrangements you desire for purchase later online.

Include travel time on your schedule if you are going for an outing at another location. Figure in potential delays if you have to travel when there are commuters on the road, and challenges navigating the route. Think about how you’re going to transport everyone. Not every family may have secured a rental car if they flew in. Who in the immediate area has a larger vehicle and can take extra passengers? Or suggest that families arriving via air secure one very large rental vehicle and split the costs. That will give extra visiting time while sharing the ride.

Having maps of the area with handy services listed will be valuable for anyone who may have forgotten something at home and needs to get a replacement. Gas stations with reasonable prices will be welcome as well.

If your meals are at one location, list the beginning and end times for dining. If you are gathering at a restaurant, it is important to arrive at the scheduled hour so that all goes efficiently. If ordering at a restaurant, have the menus displayed so people can choose in advance what they’d like. Call in an advance order to speed the process along, and that way you won’t have to wait as long for your food.

Include free times in your schedule so that people can do their own thing once in a while. Not everyone may want to go shopping, visit a particular site, or go bar hopping. That way, the group is together for the really important group activities and can also go their separate ways occasionally during the gathering.

Hiring a professional photographer can be a great asset to your reunion. They may bring props, have suggestions about background and ways of grouping people for photos, and provide the kind of expert care you need to make your photos shine. They may bring an assistant to help organize the groups of people getting their photos taken. You can be of assistance as well, making a list of suggested groupings and pre-scheduling the order in which the sittings will occur.

Consider the time of day the photographer is coming so it doesn’t conflict with babies’ or grandma’s naps. If little ones are having a grouchy time of it, switch them out with a group that doesn’t have a small baby in need of milk, a clean diaper or just some time away from the crowd. This will all help the event progress smoothly and efficiently.

With a little bit of pre-planning and organization, there will be very few delays or frustrations.

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  1. Great tips, esp about the professional photographer. Usually no one hires one and so there is always one family member missing in all the photos, except the selfies.

    Best wishes.
    Ninja Minion