Friday, April 15, 2016

M is for Mixer Games

After all guests have arrived, bring them together in a group for “Mixer games.”  The leader instructs everyone to stand in a circle, then asks everyone with birthdays in January to stand together, those with birthdays in February to gather in another group, and so on.  The activity gives people a chance to connect and share.  After a few minutes, reform the groups into where people were born by city or state.  Be creative!  Come up with your own ideas for mixer games and learn about each other.

The above idea is just one of many I have at the back of my book in the Family Reunion Idea Library.  I share ideas for making your reunion the special event it is in that section of the book.  I’ll explain more about this mixer game for you.  Once you catch on to the concept, I believe it will inspire you to create your own mixer games.

These group games are a great way to get people to mix it up and get to know one another better, all in a fun and unusual way.  We did this at one of our family reunions and the groups formed entertained people.

Pick an area of open space, outdoors is ideal, but if indoors, you will require a large room depending on how many family members are in attendance.  Have everyone congregate together and then explain the following:

This is a way to get to know each other in a fun and entertaining way.  First, we will be breaking up into groups based on what month of the year you were born.  Everyone born in January, stand over there, everyone in February there, etc. until everyone has found the group they belong to.

Once everyone has found their birth month group, give them a few minutes, long enough to chat amongst themselves about what day they were born and anything else they want to share.

Then announce the next activity, which is to form into groups based on where they were born.  If you are gathering in a state where you know many of your family members were born, then also give the option to break up into which city you were born.  In my family, people were born in many different states, and we had forgotten that at certain times, different families lived in one state and their children were born there too.  Help the kids find which group they belong in.  Then have the group shout out in turn what state or city they represent.

Another one we did was form a line from oldest member to youngest member of the extended family.  Grandma was on the left and the line wound its way down to the youngest family member in their little baby carrier.  If they are willing to state their age, do that in turn with the oldest starting off.

Think up your own unique formations of groups.  Your family will enjoy the chance to move around and establish new and renewed relationships through this activity.


  1. Mixer games is a fantastic idea...particularly for those far flung cousins who don't know many people there.

    1. Thanks for visiting and for all your positive comments!