Monday, April 4, 2016

C is for Contest

Have a Contest and invite family members to submit ideas and patterns for a reunion T-shirt.  Be sure to include children in the contest.  Allow plenty of time to have the family hosting the reunion decide which will be the winning design, and print them on various sizes of T-shirts.  Going with larger sizes works well, as most people like bigger T-shirts to use as cover-ups or nightshirts.  An alternative is to have a design printed on coffee mugs as a memento.

A great way to easily carry out your design search contest is via a blog.  Keep in touch with family members as you’re planning your reunion by designing a blog that will be used to communicate the latest plans and announcements.  Family members should subscribe via email to the reunion blog so they can receive announcements as they are posted.  See the sidebar on this blog for a link to Follow by Email as each new post is created.  Sign up on this blog to follow my posts via email and that will give you an idea of how it works and in what format it shows up in your email account.

On your blog, ask for entries in a design contest for a reunion T-shirt, mug or some other memento.  Give a deadline for entries, and once you have collected everyone’s submissions for the reunion design, post them on your blog and give reunion participants a chance to vote for their favorite pattern.  Ask for votes on the designs, and remember to give a deadline for their response.  Once voting is closed, tabulate the results.

Post the winning design on your blog, asking for orders with a selection of sizes if they are clothing items.  Ask for a deposit, if not payment in full for each order.  Be sure to include in the pricing enough to cover your shipping and handling fees.  Ordering in bulk to one address will be less expensive than mailing to multiple addresses, so the items should remain reasonably priced for everyone.  If you also have to travel to the reunion, instead of having your order shipped to your own house, arrange to have it shipped to the address of someone who lives nearer the reunion to save you the hassle of packing them up with your own luggage.

Also consider other items for reunion souvenirs.  T-shirts are a great memento, but so are mugs, and anything else you can get your design printed on.  Be creative!  How about “baseball” caps?  Sweatshirts, beach towels, stainless steel travel mugs, key chains, even temporary tattoos can be designed for your event.  When I visited Estes Park, Colorado some time ago, I was astounded by the variety of souvenirs!  Go to any tourist shopping area near you and you’ll be sure to get plenty of ideas for your reunion keepsake item.

I’d love to hear about your design ideas for a family reunion keepsake item.  Leave your comment at the end of this entry.

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  1. I'm loving this blog. I just realised we will be having a school reunion in a couple of years so there are some good ideas here for that. Thank you so much. Alex from
    Family Tree Frog